The stroll in the old city of Shanghai — Shanghai old street

I heard from my friend, if you want to feel old Shanghai city atmosphere, Shanghai old city area is a must-see place.

Shanghai old city area is situated in the southeast of Shanghai City, surrounded by Renmin Road and Zhonghua Road, occupying approximately 200 hectares. It is the place of Shanghai origin, and from Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties to the early 1911, here has long been a political, economical and cultural centre of Shanghai. Today, it is Shanghai’s famous tourist attraction. The main sightseeing of Shanghai old city area is the City God Temple (Cheng Huang Miao), Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai Old Street and Yuyuan Tourist Mart.

Shanghai Old Street, originally name Fang Bing Road (M.). From the South Henan Road in the west to Renmin Road in the east, 825 meters total in length, can be divided into two sections, east section and west section, based on distribution of building styles and topological conditions. Shanghai Old Street is an important east-west passageway for sightseeing in the Yuyuan commercial and tourist area. Gathering a batch of the Shanghai earliest old-style Chinese private bank, jewelry shop, wine shop, teahouse, business house. The street reconstructs some century-old shops like TongHanChun drugstore, DeShun restaurant, ChunFengDeYi teahouse, XiShi tofu room and so on. It presents old Shanghai very developed commercial culture and the street life to Chinese and overseas tourists.

Gathering a batch of the Shanghai earliest old-style Chinese private bank, jewelry shop, wine shop, teahouse, business house in Shanghai Old Street.

ChunFengDeYi is a famous teahouse, founded in the late Qing Dynasty and at the beginning of the Republic, it is the earliest and the most famous teahouse in Shanghai like the Huxingting teahouse. At that time, ChunFengDeYi teahouse is a three-story house which can hold 1000 people, the teahouse includes three place of storytelling, every storyteller has two performances per day and night, performing Three Charming Smiles, Yeung Nai-mo and Little Cabbage and so on to audiences, the teahouse business go up and is normally bustling.

XiShi tofu room has a strong flavour of folk custom, the main varieties of snack are multi-flavored jellied bean curd, gluten, spicy dried tofu, crispy stinky tofu, vegetarian ham, spicy diced bean curd, nearly ten kinds of local-flavour snacks. XiShi tofu snack has the characteristic of thick and pure flavor, tender and juicy, fragrance spreads all around and bright color. XiShi tofu snack has become the most delicious food in Shanghai Old Street, which attract a great many of tourist, XiShi tofu room is famous in China and abroad.

The architectural form of Shanghai Old Street was derived from different styles of architecture in each periods from Ming and Qing Dynasties to the Chinese republic, the buildings in Shanghai Old Street are arranged in order from west to east. The majority of the buildings here, white walls and black roof-tiles, red bars and cornices volley, accompanied by high street shops painted plaques and flags. The changeable shape of Chinese traditional architecture is fully reflected, scattered high and low, neatly organized commercial streetscape has attracted numerous tourists both from home and abroad every year.

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