【HongKong】 living at the world’s highest hotel is what kind of experience

the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

A reference to the world’s highest hotel, maybe someone guess, it may be located in Dubai, the answer is “No”. So far, the highest hotel in the world is the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong. The visitors from all angles overlook the beautiful scenery of Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong Island with great ease from height above 400 m, unique beautiful scenery, the skyline of Hong Kong gets a panoramic view, it make people feel that they are in the clouds.

International Commerce Centre is the Hong Kong’s tallest skyscraper, Sky100 Observation tower, Hong Kong’s newest landmark is located on 100th floor of International Commerce Centre. Large scale theme mall Elements Mall adjoins International Commerce Centre, set of dining, entertainment, shopping, culture as a whole, LV、Hermes 、Prada、Gucci、Cartier and other first-line brand have its flagship stores in Elements Mall, it can only use a character to describe, is tall, big, superior.


The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong is located from the 103th floor to the 118th floor of International Commerce Centre, face in the direction of fascinating Victoria Harbor.


From an air view


Last year, the world-famous dessert shop Pierre Hermé Paris move into the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, I want to know how Pierre Hermé Paris french-style desserts tastes against the beauty of Victoria Harbor.


Hotel lobby is the 103th floor, on entering the lobby, there are three abstract Chinese Watercolor Paintings by the famous painter He Yuanming hanging above our head, in a figurative sense, a heavenly steed soaring across the skies, elegance a trace of luxury, a tour of walking in the air starts.


Tosca dining room within the hotel picks up a Michelin star, it’s name comes from a Italian opera by Giacomo Puccini, it is a specially designed Italian dining room, inside are open kitchens, we can enjoy chefs cooking authentic Italian southern food.


The corridor of the dinning room like crystal palace, when walking in the middle of the corridor, we feel as if we has entered amother world full of dream and mist.


Although it is a Italian dining room, part of the decoration is highly Chinese style, the water wave glass lotus pond does embellishment.


The director of Tosca is the famous Michelin star chef Pino Lavarra, all the cuisines in Tosca are designed by him.


Of course, Italian olive oil and vinegar is indispensable to the dinner roll.


I get a seat by the windows, as I taste Italian cuisine I enjoy the beautiful scenery of Victoria Harbour, the scenery here isn’t bad, the scenery here looks more beautiful at night, the tourists need to book their reserve seats in advance in each kind of holiday.


Campania Wine Lunch, we have Italian anchovy fillets for the first course, crispy fried anchovy fillets pairs well with golden potato chips, decorated with rocket leaves and tomatoes, bright color, this dish looks irresistible.


If you go to Italian restaurant, you must taste pasta, using self-made wide noodle, with various ingredients, such as sea snail and zucchini, the quantity is small, it’s very delicious and chewy.


Yellow tail fish, tasty meat, more chewy, commonly used for sashimi. Roasted yellow tail fish, crisp skin and elastic meat, dotted with tomato and mozzarella cheese sauce, scent rich, the colors are bright, let people see and have an appetite.


Beef Rib is tender and succulent, coupled with tomato sauce, dotted with grilled eggplant and vegetables, improvement the appearance of the cuisines.


The final dessert course, cake and vanilla sorbetto, frozen fresh fruits, after fresh fruits are frozen, it will be ground into smoothies, the biggest difference between ice cream and smoothies is no cream, taste fresh.


It eventually ends with chocolate and coffee.


After eating lunch, I get back to my room, I live in 117th-floors room, the whole room is spacious, modern, comfortable, and it does not lose Chinese traditional style, the headboard is made of silk cloth and real leather, classic and luxury.



The capacious bathroom is decorated in warm-toned marble, the agate bathroom countertop reveals the low-key luxury.


I never lived the hotel of more than 1ooth-floors, this time I live in 117th-floors room, the height of my room is higher than that of SKY 100 observation deck. For a tourist destination, some extraordinary experiences can’t be missed, the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong can’t be missed during our trip to Hong Kong.


I sit down in the window seat, tasting Macaroon while I look down at boats going and coming in Victoria Harbor, the boats sails quickly, stirring up whitecaps. very interesting.




There is a very large Spa on 116th-floors, there are only 41 in the world and each Spa is already awarded with five-star honor award, one of these is the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong Spa.



The Spa angle of view is very good, we can see not only the beautiful Victoria Harbor, can also see Lantau Island.




Many friends stayed in the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong say, they don’t want to go to other hotels in Hong Kong after they come here, one of the most important reasons is that there is a huge air swimming pool.


The executive lounge is located on 116th-floors, soft lighting and classical bookshelf create a comfortable atmosphere. Each corner has a vintage-style telescope, the tourists have a broad view of Victoria Harbour.



From this height, panoramic view of almost the entire Hong Kong Island, large and small tall buildings are like mini toys in the box.



The 102th Lounge & Bar provides 24 hour all-weather services, the breakfast is rich, a big crystal droplight catch some eyeballs in the centre of the hall.



The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong is the best place to see the sunset, at sunset, the orange sun shines on the sea, the seascape is as pretty as oil painting.



OZONE Rooftop Bar is the highest bar in the world, full of delusive hue, I feel a sense of walking into the time tunnel. I order a cocktail and enjoy the charm of Hong Kong night under the gorgeous lighting.



The afterglow sprinkles on tall buildings.




The coastline of this time seems blurry, the colour can range from blue to red, it is absolutely breathtaking. Experiencing the flow of time quietly, the constantly changing light and shadow.



The sun begins to disappear from the horizon, originally from an orange sky transition to a red sky, and finally it turns into a blue sky, don’t only use amazing describe the whole procedure, after sunset, in the immediate present is the magnificent Victoria Harbor in the shades of night.



Night coming on, all the lights are turned on, this is a moment of Hong Kong’s best dreams.



Late at night, the hills in the distance are out of sight, only the colorful lights are reflected in the water. I have a false impression of strolling in the clouds at the moment when I see the clouds.




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