Day trip to Hong Kong Racing Museum and see how the aristocrat movement go toward the whole people

Hong Kong Racing Museum

Hong Kong Racing Museum

Horse-racing is a sport with a long history and is believed to originate from the Roman Empire, but modern equestrian sport got developing quickly in England. At the height of the sun never set on the British Empire, England’s cultural output was strong, horse-racing could be one of them, spreaded to every colony and affiliate country as well, Hong Kong was no exception under British colonial rule.

Commissioned in 1845, Happy Valley Racecourse inspired Hong Kong people’s enthusiasm for horse racing, in December of the following year, Hong Kong’s first horse racing game began at Happy Valley Racecourse. With the rise of horse racing, Hong Kong Jockey Club was founded in 1884, managing horse racing games and activities, of course, subjection to anti-Chinese influence, Chinese people were eligible for membership of Hong Kong Jockey Club until 1926.

Happy Valley Racecourse in 1873


Hong Kong Jockey Club


Horse ticket is one of types of lottery ticket, first published in 1931 by Hong Kong Jockey Club.


After world war II, horse racing became more widespread and more international in increasingly prosperous Hong Kong. Every former amateur rider was trained as a professional jockey by ways of personnel training and so on. Hong Kong’s second racecourse was built in Sha Tin, breeding horse fields and horse racing environments reached world-class levels, major competitions changed in Sha Tin Racecourse to hold.






As part of gaming industry, the method of horse race betting has experienced from manual work to automation development process. Now besides on-site betting, there are telephone betting, online betting service, customer input terminal betting and so on. A lot of Hong Kongers have a taste for horse race and still choose on-site betting.


Horse Owner, Jockey, these careers are closely related with horse racing, let me make a full introduction. Horse Owner, namely, the owner of horse, he must first become a member of Hong Kong Jockey Club; next, because the race-horses are the pure-blood horses and need for good care, it is a no small expenditure, so horse owner are mostly rich merchants.

Since the ’70s, the jockeys have changed over from amateurs to professionals. Because Chinese people are limited by body shape, physical quality or taking part in the industry’s time, they get less chance to win, powerful horses and famous horse licences are offered to foreign jockeys in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Racing Museum

No one would have dreamt of there being such gift shops in racecourse, there are lots of ponies and ultra-beautiful!




Hong Kong Racing Museum opened its door to the public free of charge in Happy Valley Race Course in late 1996. Here, visitors can get a clear impression of the development process of Hong Kong Racecourse and the training process of Mongolia ponies, Waler etc; can also see horse racing equipment, Jockey elegant demeanour and so on.



Hong Kong Jockey Club logo


The trophies


Admission badge


Betting machine



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