Hiking Lamma Island and enjoying leisure time in Hong Kong’s backyard gardens

Lamma Island

For many, Hong Kong is a shopping paradise. Every trip to Hong Kong is purely travel and drop by the shopping malls on my way to the scenic spot. I stay for long in downtown Hong Kong and want to go the outlying islands, I savor its beauty slowly and quietly. Lamma Island showcases the Chinese and the foreign culture, If you are here, you can feel two fundamentally different island customs in the day. There are beautiful beach and delicious seafoods on the island. It is good place that loosens body and mind.

Lamma Island

Lamma Island, the closest to the city, become the weekend leisure resort. The journey from Central Pier 4th to Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier take us about 30 minutes.



Under the boat, we can see that there are lots of bikes parked by the docks. The bicycle is the only means of transport on the island. Three-storey dwellings can be found everywhere on the island. We have no bicycle rental, because we want to walk around the streets and take photographs. Lamma Island is quiet and peaceful, around Yung Shue Wan area is suffused with a exotic romance. Yung Shue Wan Main Street is filled with market stalls and lined with unique shops and exotic bars. Walking through the street is really a great pleasure.


Besides the tasty foods in different countries gathering, little fashion shops are everywhere along the way, some are selling handicrafts, some are selling environmental protection daily necessities, some are selling home-made cookies, people here love nature simple life and care their unique quality of life like the hippie in 1960s.




In terms of area, Lamma Island is Hong Kong’s third-largest island, next only to Lantau Island and Hong Kong Island. Lamma Island is offisland at the administrative level. The well-known actor Chou Yunfat birthplace. The cultural relics from the neolithic age to Ming Qing period have also been unearthed in Sham Wan, Lamma Island.



There as early as the Neolithic human settlement in Lamma Island. From ancient times to the present, fishery is the main way for islanders make a living. Today the islanders have long been far more than native-born indigenous people, foreign nationals is approximately one half of the population in the island. Attracting foreign nationals to settle down is beautiful environment on this little island. Mountain range, green trees, bamboo forest, village, coastal beach around the island construct the beautiful paradise.


There is Tin Hau Temple for over a hundred years nearby Yung Shue Wan, there’s ancient whale bone on display in the temple.



The road signs are very clear throughout Lamma Island, so even if you first come here, you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Relative to the noisy bustling Hong Kong Island, Lamma Island is still serene and rustic. A growing number of foreigners working in Hong Kong come to settle in Lamma Island, they bring coffee house and pub, they also bring bikinis and various foreign goods. Lamma Island has become Hong Kong’s European-style island, such exoticism attract more Chinese young people, these bobos advocate of freedom make the island full of artistic breath.



While I am hiking, I see old grandma bean curd pudding, tasting bean curd pudding has been one of top 10 things to do in Lamma Island, the store is very popular, we have to wait in line.




Through Yung Shue Wan Main Street, we do not choose to go up to this mountain and see the windmills in wind-power stations, instead of walking as far as the seaside. My two friends sits on the side of the rocks, they are engaged in a conversation while they enjoy sunshine. For myself, I hold the camera in my hands and look for the happy hour that belongs to me. It is sunny that day, sea breeze, sea wave, seabird, all about sea is in front of us.


Don’t drive on the island, green plants are all over the island, there are many railings along the way, the danger level has been lowered considerably. Most of the boats arrive in Yung Shue Wan Village first, the visitors depart from there to many tourist attractions and coastal beach on the island.



We go on hiking and come to Hung Shing Ye beach. When we walk on the beach, we have wished we could pick up a special shaped shell or a live crab.





Hung Shing Ye beach is the famous beach, it’s only twenty minutes walking distance to Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier. How clear seawater and soft sand in Hung Shing Ye beach, the people who enjoy sunshine and swimming come in an endless stream.


Once, there were only a few remote fishing villages on Lamma Island, it was famous for Chow Yun-Fat’s birthplace in the early years. Now Lamma Island not only is very scenic, there is also plenty of fresh seafood for the visitors to enjoy, Chinese and western architectures are everywhere. Lamma Island is covered with the dense bamboo forests, the beach is spacious flat, the people are simple and sincere, it is leisure and holiday resort.




Sok Kwu Wan is also the starting point of family walk, the main mountain path runs spirally up the column, passing through the verdant grass cluster, company of a vast and magnificent scenery along the way; other mountain paths to ShanTeiTong at the southern part of Lamma Island, then get to Sham Wan, the mountain paths bend treacherously, the whole walk takes roughly 40 minutes, after a certain distance walk down the mountain, arrive the Tian Hou Palace, the ancient statues of Buddha, red silk banners and Chinese lantern, very traditional Chinese culture.





We go on, there is the spacious and beautiful seascape along the way, we reach Lo So Sing Beach at sunset, as the sun going down, the fascinating landscape unfolded before us, the life on the outlying island is carefree and comfortable, times like these, always want to remain it.




From Sok Kwu Wan pier to Lo So Sing Beach will take about 30 minutes by walk.

The tourist hotspot of Lo So Sing Beach should belong to lime kiln ruins, these lime kiln ruins date back to the Southern and Northern Dynasties and the Sui and Tang dynasties, long history.

The water quality of Lo So Sing Beach is clean, it is fit for swimmers to come here to bathe.




Sok Kwu Wan is really scenic, many high-up open-air restaurants are all built in the bay, a steady stream of tourists is arriving and tasting seafood delicacies, fried chilli crab, steamed prawns with minced garlic, fried fresh squid, steamed fish with ginger and shallot are extremely popular.


Hong Kong is a food paradise, heading for Lamma Island by boat for a seafood feast has become a consuming fashion for Hong Konger. Lamma Island abounds with seafood, large and small seafood restaurant spread across the island.


In the evening, we select Lamma Island’s most popular seafood restaurant to taste seafood, and we eat the most delicious sweet and sour pork, giving us boundless aftertaste up to now.


After the seafood dinner, the shopkeeper gives to us three boat tickets to Hong Kong urban. Time passes very quickly during our stay in Lamma Island, outside work hour, feeling slow life rhythm are perfect is a good choice.


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