Hong Kong is not only a paradise for shoppers, but also a gourmet’s paradise


Hong Kong’s business atmosphere is part of its attraction for visitor, in fact, Hong Kong cuisine is also a cause of attracting the travelers.

Hong Kong cuisine belongs to Cantonese cuisine as well, I personally think that Hong Kong cuisine is more tastier than what I’ve been able to find on mainland China, because Hong Kong cooking ingredient is more sophisticated and fresh, my Guangzhou friends are angry, it is only my opinion.

You don’t have to go to a large hotel to have a dinner and nor will you have to eat shark fin and abalone, finding a local characteristic dining hall that suitable for you is the right way.

Unlike Guangzhou’s morning tea, Hong Kong hotels normally start to business from 10 a. m. everyday, strictly speaking is afternoon tea.


The mixed roasted meat platter is worth tasting.


Rice noodle rolls is chunky and chewy.


The crisp sodden Chicken claw


The dazzling array of pastry


In addition to hotels, sidewalk snack booth in Hong Kong is characteristics, but the current sidewalk snack booth is no longer fully open and half open site.


In particular, worth recommending is mutton in clay pot, fat but not greasy.


The foods sold in the sidewalk snack booth are homely dishes, eating it’s taste rather than it’s colours.


For those who come to Hong Kong must taste all kinds of seafood delicacies.


This is the well-known Sai Kung seafood street.


Here, selling seafoods are completely separate from those of sold in restaurants, much varieties and high quality is a great feature.


Unlike those of sold in mainland China, Hong Kong seafoods have richer sea taste.


Soft shell Mantis shrimp, the big-plump yolk is my great favorites.


I admire, steamed fish in Cantonese cuisine, is very well done.


Talking about Hong Kong culinary culture, roadside snack bar I must mention has distinguishing feature very much, otherwise with a month’s rent of HK$100000, the small shop front may never recoup its costs.


As can be seen from the queuer in front of the storefront, snack is very popular among local young people.


Every now and then there are a few tourists, they are also attracted to here by local specialty snacks.


Dessert is a kind of Hong Kong food.


A bowl of Gui Ling Gao is priced at HK$50 now.


The roast goose store is so popular that you need to call two days in advance to order one (or arrive after 9: 30pm and be prepared to wait), the next night I am very not easy to wait until seats in the store, while ordering, but I was told that roast goose have been sold out when the store is just opening at 6 pm in the night, that pisses me off, I do not want to eat and shoulder my bag to go.



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