From the little things to greatness, Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel can make myself feel at home

Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel

The hale and hearty old man in a well-pressed suit named Hua Yunhong. He is a darling of Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel. It has been 35 years since Mr.Hua joined Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel in 1981. During this time, he provided concierge services for many celebrities, politicians and royals.


I choose to stay in Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, in addition to favourable geographical location, wanting to see the legendary Mr Hua Yunhong is the most important purposes for me to be here.



He is a brilliant pearl in Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel and will continue to bloom bright light, he is a fine example of every white gold butler service. By the lead of Mr Hua Yunhong, from the little things to greatness, Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel can make myself feel at home.


Mr.Hua says:”I cooke breakfast for guests every day, make lunch, preparing dinner, whether they eat or not eat, I still prepare well beforehand, when they return, I’ll send it to their room right away. No matter they have eaten or not yet outside, I please them eat a little first, I do this to capture the heart of the guests, make them feel really like coming home now.”


Called exclusive butler service, is actually a more specialized and personal high grade hotel service. It came from full-time butler service in the earlier noble families of England, now it has evolved into exclusive butler service. Butler service has become the prevailing trend of the competitive development of International Hotel Industry. The president of The Guild of Professional English Butlers Robert Watson said,” butler service is a seamless service under the coordination of the butler.”


When I am looking for Mr.Hua in the hotel lobby I think he will stand in the most conspicuous position, I can’t believe I find him in the corner. I ask him why he stands here, he say:” keep distance is very important. I stands in the corner and observes carefully whether the guests need me, everything in sight is very clear. If there is no distance, many guests do not trust me work for them.


I ask him again, for a personal butler, how to understand the guest’s living habit and preferences. He says in approval:” that is a very good question! I must know the guest habit, in particular, many life details, for instance, the guest is accustomed to the light which is not too strong, he is accustomed to wipe his mouth with his paper towel, not napkin, what color does he want the tablecloth? how to put the sofa furniture so as to sit more comfortably, I know where the air conditioner is, and that his room stays at a comfortable temperature, and so on. But I can’t tell you how I know this, and immediately he bursts into laughter like a little kid.


Here I have to mention Celebration Gallery in the hotel. Celebration Gallery is placed on 2nd basement floor and opens daily throughout the year, an exhaustive collection of party products, including tableware, glassware, a range of tablecloth, napkin, seat-covers, fresh flowers. Besides, two LCD televisions are put in Celebration Gallery, on the television screen, the guests are shown full screen version of pictures of various different environment of banquet hall, setting tables, various food dishes, etc. The guests will also enjoy the superb multi-tier Wedding Cake model in a glass cabinet. This is the famous Shangri-La Hotel one-stop banquet Cretariat service.


Japanese cuisine restaurant “Nadaman”, comfortable environment, elegant style, the guests can choose to have dinner in the dining-hall or near Teppanyaki and Sushi bar, eating with relish while enjoying the chef cooking process. The dining area has comfortable and spacious private dining room, separate teppanyaki room and tatami mat room.


I’ll have a try, if we are to have enough time next time.


Being an accepted classic, Chinese dining room “Shang Palace” must not missed. Exquisite Cantonese cuisine has always been a feature of Shang Palace, besides Shang Palace has the title of two Michelin star.


Oatmeal lobster balls is the chef Mo Jieqiang’s creative dishes, first pan-fry lobster in oil until fragrant and golden brown, then sprinkle with sweet and crisp oatmeal, extraordinary mouthfeel.


Do not underestimate these seemingly ordinary songhua eggs, these songhua eggs have doubtless been carefully chosen, these songhua eggs are exclusively served only in Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel and are worth tasting.


Codfish is Master Mo Jieqiang’s specialty, I have no memory of the specific name, to sum up, directly on the flat pan fried the codfish, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.




I finish this coconut milk dessert, I am so full that I can’t move……



Shang Palace also has its own wine cellar, the guests can choose a bottle of wine inside as an aperitif, or as an accompaniment for fish dishes, oysters and crustaceans. Unfortunately, just a place of wine selection, the guests can not taste wine in the wine cellar, it is a little pity.


When the evening lights are lit, I sit in the executive lounge, drinking wine and appreciating the beautiful scene of Victoria Harbor outside the window. I suddenly realize that Mr.Hua is not here, I feel a little lost. I tell him what I feel the next day. He says: “in the lobby, every guest says to me, I feel like I never have anything to do, I don’t know why they say this kind of thing. After a lot of guests come to our hotel, they don’t catch sight of me in the lobby and look for me everywhere.



The executive lounge has hot and cold dishes, drinks, you can eat free whenever you like.


I’d like a bowl of red bean porridge, to replenish qi and blood, very good.



When I say good-bye, I invite him to visit Beijing, if he has time.


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