Taiwan really is a foodies’ paradise

Taiwan really is a foodies' paradise

Organizing the photos from Taiwan, I find out that gourmet food is everywhere in Taiwan. For a foodie like me, Taiwan really is a foodies’ paradise, night markets spread throughout Taiwan, all kinds of locally owned gourmet food stores, street food make you can not help to enjoying the flavors and keep going. I collect all gourmet food that impressed me most and strongly recommend it to everybody.


【 Shilin Night Market 】

The Shilin Night Market is widely considered to be the largest and most popular one in Taiwan’s night market.


I am going to buy a little cup of bitter melon juice and ready to taste it at the juice bar on the corner of the night market.


I especially like Taiwan white bitter melon, it is not bitter at all, white bitter melon tasted sweet.


Pork Ribs with Chinese Herbal Soup is famous in Shilin Night Market, the most authentic Stewing Pork Ribs with Herbs in Shilin Night Market, rich pork ribs soup goes well with precious herbal medicinal herbs.


Pork Ribs with Chinese Herbal Soup is said to have Chinese medicinal materials in bone soup boiled for a long time.


I feel very good taste, perfectly balanced, not too thick drug taste.


HOT-STAR Large Fried Chicken is also very famous in Shilin Night Market, a fried chicken costs sixty Taiwan dollar, I am reasonably satisfied with it.



There are a lot of snacks in the basement of Shilin Night Market, variety of snacks are reasonable in price and good in quality.



A large number of seafood cuisines come to me.


I love the most to eat seafood soup in Shilin Night Market, a variety of fresh ingredients, Fish Ball taste shells teeth, Fish-ball soup is fresh and sweet.



I have eaten enough downstairs, I go back upstairs and I can’t eat any more, haha, ready to go out, walking is also very good.


Shilin eggs really good cute!

【 Hello kitty sweets 】

An extremely popular dessert shop, hello kitty addict must not miss it!


The shop here is so popular that you had better make a reservation in advance, like we don’t have an appointment, there are many minimum limits on what customers can charge.


Cake, dessert, bread, beverage are on the same hello kitty theme, the taste is “pretty good”, these pastries are lovely and attractive!


Appearance and taste are all good, the dining environment has become the favorite of the young girls. The price is a litle expensive, in addition, there is a service charge.


【 Three Mum Smelly Smelly Pot 】

I most love Taiwanese-food, the small hot pot gives me a great sense of satisfaction, I have eaten several times in Taiwan.


All its stores are located throughout Taiwan, one person one pot, it’s only more than twenty RMB, I am rather satisfied with this meal.


I can’t resist the temptation of these cooked-to-order hot pot.


There are Chinese cabbage, Crabmeat, sliced meat, needle mushroom, Duck blood, meatball, egg, vegetables, fresh shrimps, Taiwan stinky tofu and so on in the pot. In addition, there are optional sauces and beverage.


Of course, you cannot help asking, Is Three Mum Smelly Smelly Pot really so stinky? The fact that it is hardly smelly at all. It’s absolutely amazing and exceeded all expectations! Maybe the hot pot uses Taiwan stinky tofu so it is named Smelly Smelly Pot.

【 Shang Yin aquatic product 】

Shang Yin aquatic product is known for fresh ingredients, people who like eating the sea food can’t miss it.


The huge seafood market is divided into roasted over charcoal area, sushi area, supermarket, seafood processing area, and so on, the customers first get a number ticket by partition area, when the number will be called, the customers walk to their seats.


Seafoods are very fresh, look enticing!


We order a set meal, it’s a little expensive, but it is a gluttonous feast of seafood, and we are very satisfied with it.


Salmon is super fresh and cut into large pieces, absolutely delicious!


Besides Salmon, there is some oyster.


Salad before dinner


There is a bottle of white wine in seafood meal, white wine is perfect for seafood.

【 Ximending shopping district 】

Ximending is a good place for shopping around, simultaneously is also hiding a lot of Taiwan snacks.


I see a small shop on the corner of the street, don’t notice the shop name. The shining white of the fish ball in front of my eyes let the human look greedily, I go into the shop to taste.


Though it is the most common fish ball, but the fish ball here is delicious, and is very different from the daily edible fish ball, praise it.


The dianping. com is a website offering consumer ratings and reviews for restaurants, shopping, recreation and living services on the Chinese mainland. A relatively popular Taiwan beef noodle shop on dianping. com, try holding the mentality of a taste test.


The braised beef noodle is very delicious. The dianping. com introduced me a right place.


There are a variety of sauces to suit all tastes.


【 Liuhe Night Market 】

Toward the direction of Kaohsiung Station, Liouhe Night Market gathers all kinds of seafood and local dishes. The bustling night market has always been one of Taiwan’s unique tourist hot spots, and a favorite for food lovers.


The night I first came to Liuhe Night Market, it was raining heavily, Although it was raining hard, tourists came in an endless stream.



Taiwan really is a foodies’ paradise, Taiwan delicious food are far more than these I’ve outlined today, I’m looking forward to next trip to Taiwan, I taste more Taiwan delicious food.


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