Taiwan family hotel: feel the most sincere humanistic amorous feelings, experience the most beautiful Taiwan

Taiwan family hotel


My first-ever visit to Taiwan, I selected star hotels like most tourists during the journey, but in the journey process, I found some interesting home-stays, I deeply regret. so I select to stay in the homestay in my Taiwan tour this time in order to feel the most sincere humanistic amorous feelings and experience the most beautiful Taiwan.

Staying in small family hotels in Taiwan turned out to be an excellent choice: First, Taiwan family hotel has the advantages of convenience, affordable price, each with its own characteristics. Although the room is not large, it is warm and sweet. Second, find a family hotel so you can be alone. The family hotel’s housekeeper is very gentleness and thoughtfulness, as if she is your friend, you feel exceptionally comfortably.


Kenting and Jiufen are two main holiday resort in Taiwan, and are also the largest concentration of family hotels in Taiwan. In Taiwan, some people that want to start a family hotel is differ from people in the mainland, they enjoy life, most of them are local rich guys, they run a family hotel and do not need to earn their own living, they only want to live in a beautiful scenery somewhere, a place where they glad to make friends with people from all over the world and listen to different travel adventures every day.


Kenting located on Hengchun Peninsula is the most southern cape in Taiwan and is the only tropical area in Taiwan, sometimes called Taiwan’s Hawaiian. Kenting is surrounded on three sides by the sea. east are close to the Pacific, south near the Bass Strait, west meets the Taiwan Strait.


Kenting Street


The blue sea and sky in Kenting is well known for the main back scenes in many movies and TV shows. After a popular broadcasting of the movie “Life of Pi” in the world, Kenting becomes famous.


Family hotels are everywhere, it is said that there are thousands of family hotels in Kenting.


The style of each family hotel is just like the hotel owner’s character, exquisite and delicate, unique.



Love Lane at the side of Kenting Street


Second hand fairy tale family hotel


Pastureland family hotel


Coastal beach family hotel


Love Sea family hotel

I stay here in the forth day after I get to Kenting, I initially choose Love Sea family hotel by accident, but it fill us with lots of delightful surprises, the pure white enclosing wall, blue fence, strong oceanic style.


When we get to Love Sea family hotel it is midday, the enthusiastic housekeeper Madam Zhen is there to greet us.


Unlike most hotels, she don’t take us to our rooms at once, instead, she askes us to sit in the courtyard, sends their trademark winter melon tea to us, and hands over a Kenting tourist map. She and I chatt like two old friends who haven’t seen each other in a while.


All the walls of the first floor are decorated with pictures of some guests who once lived here.


The sitting room is spaced by a romantic string-curtain screen.


The romantic living room in the candlelight


The dining room we eat breakfast every day


Living in a family hotel, we can eat breakfast prepared for us by our housekeeper while it is still fresh and hot.


The family hotel male owner is a drawing amateur, another room is filled with his paintings.


These are the landlord and landlady’s cars.


The path to Kenting Ranch outside the family hotel’s back door


The ranch lodge gets covered with lovely cow costumes.


Farm Guest House Kenting


The oversized stereoscopic milk bottle, people in the balcony could be drinking milk.


The blooming flowers in the yard welcome every passing tourist.


Lovely doodles


If you have pets, if you plan a holiday to Taiwan, but you can’t very well leave your pets. There are even dedicated pets inn created specifically for pets.


The family hotels here distribute free Royal Puppy Villa to staying guests’s pets, there are also the two flavors of canned meat dog food available for free, the humanized and softhearted complementary services can make staying guests feel local people are warmer than the sunshine.


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